Thursday, August 19, 2010

Market food

Every Wednesday the nearby town of Motta San Anastasia has a market. The market is very small compared to other area markets, but it is the closest to us and usually has everything I need. I try to buy my fresh fruits, vegetables, and eggs for the week at the market. The eggs are so fresh there is often chicken poop still on them! Isn't that appetizing?

This is what I bought at the market yesterday. Doesn't it look good?

There is a corner store in Motta that sells fresh produce, wine, vinegar, fresh bread and a few other grocery items. I always stop by the store after leaving the market. The owner is super nice and speaks very good English.

Here is what I bought yesterday. I always buy two liters of red table wine as well as fresh bread; often the bread is still warm. Brandon really likes the wine. It is made locally and is only about $6 a bottle. I also bought some fresh basil and mushrooms yesterday.

Buon Appetito!

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