Friday, September 28, 2012

Joyful Living

I truly believe that each one of us have certain gifts and abilities given by God for our good and his Glory. Everything is from God and if we choose to do what He has gifted us to do and do it as unto him instead of for the approval of oth
ers, it will enable us to live a life of abundance, perhaps not monetarily, although that could be true, but emotionally and spiritually abundant.

We were not given these gifts to waste. So I encourage you to discover how God uniquely made you and live your life accordingly.

This is from I just had to share.

How can we steward the gifts God gives including what we have and who we are?

1. By maintaining an attitude of thankfulness (1 Thess. 5:18) to God for what has given us and made us. We can’t be thankful for something and abuse or misuse it at the same time. Let gratitude govern your use and enjoyment of all things.

2. By taking care of what he gives us including possessions, relationships, our bodies, and our souls. For some of us this may mean learning to be more organized so we don’t waste our time. Some of us may need to learn to be more disciplined in order to keep our homes tidy and our laundry put away (ahem, this one’s for me. I need to remember that while laundry may be a curse, that even laundry work is a gift from God). Some of us may need to take more seriously the fact that we have only one body and need to care for it well so it can be used for God’s glory and for the good of others.

3. By sharing what he has given us, including our very lives.
God did not give us time, money, a home, talents etc. to shelve, but to share. The Christian life is all about glorifying God and loving others. The most practical way we can this is by giving to others what God has given us. And we should do so joyfully, without expecting anything in return (including a thank you note).

All that you have is given to you to receive with thankfulness. We are to enjoy, care for, and share them with others and the best way we can do this best by keeping our “chief end” in mind.

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